Hey, we’re recording our debut LP with Beau Burchell right now in California which will be released worldwide through No Sleep Records later this year.
Yesterday we recorded an acoustic session and did an interview at the No Sleep warehouse, look out for all that coming soon!

MB <3

I just found out about you guys tonight, and I just downloaded the EP. You guys are awesome!!


any plans to tour the states? you guys are my favorite band and I'd love to see you live sometime!

No definite plans just yet but it’s definitely something we want to do and hopefully can someday!

but it was a longing whisper :(

If we can afford to go to Australia, we most definitely will!

hey guys, come to hamburg please. i even moved here from czech republic so it´s not so far for you to travel:) thanks

So, are you guys all friends..

I probably said it a thousand times already too, but really should come to Hamburg.

I’ll see what we can do!

*whispers longingly into your ear* ~australia~

We’re really far away, you’ll need to do more than whisper

I did a chords thing for boston on ultimate guitar if that person wants to look for it.

Yo tumblr user g6iĀ ^ check it

Please come to Hamburg in Germany! :) Would be awesome!

For real, we all really want to get over to Europe! Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later too but we don’t have any plans just yet

You guys are playing with Major League?! You're both two of my favorite bands! but i live in the us.... you guys should come here sometime

Yep, stoked to play shows with those guys. Hopefully we’ll get to come to the states at some point!