Yo! This sounds like a super weird question but where was the album cover picture taken? Also I absolutely fuckin love the album, you did a really sick job! Keep it up :-) x

It was taken in Alaska I believe. By samdesantis.

I live in the states and it's super expensive to buy that hoodie on your bigcartel for me because I'm in the U.S. would it be cool with you guys if I made my own MB hoodie like just for me?

Do what you want mate, we’re not gonna come to America to stop you.

Also just FYI:

Show us if you do make one!


We have 22 copies left of the first pressing in our Warehouse. If you’re planning to order a copy of the first press from us, i suggest you do it ASAP.

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Pick it up before it’s gone

Moose Blood Announce Banquet Records Kingston Shows


imageMoose Blood have revealed details of two shows in Kingston for Banquet Records on October 15th.

The band will play an under 18’s in-store show at Banquet Records, with an over 18’s New Noise at Bacchus taking place on the evening./P>

Tickets are currently free to anyone who pre-ordered Moose Blood’s new album ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time’ from Banquet, with general release tickets being made available from tomorrow (Thursday) at 11am.

Full details can be found here.

Will you be restocking the Big Cartel store again?

We’re doing a 20% off flash sale right now for the next day or so

Then everything will be taken down until we’re back from tour in November.

Are you guys going to be doing your own headlining tour anytime soon in the UK?

Not this year, should be soon after though

I fuck with the Jimmy Eat World and Death Cab For Cutie references in "Bukowski." The new record is so damn good ugh I can't wait for you guys to come over to the states

Thank you!

Where can I find lyrics for the new album?

They’re all in the CD/Vinyl inserts, or I guess wait a while till someone is bothered to write them onto the internetz

you're album is amazing. been waiting for it ever since I first heard you support deaf havana in folkestone. you guys are ace! can't wait to see you in November!

Looking forward to November for sure!

New album is such a jam, such a perfect fall album. Can't wait to buy the vinyl so I can really hear how good it is. Forever hoping you guys will someday make it over to the east coast of the US

Yo thanks, you and us both!